HT Design Studio
Human Technology. We improve the way people interact with websites, apps, and digital products.

The L.I.V.E. Digital Method

HT = Human Technology. Humans first, technology second. We believe all digital experiences are living things. That's why we developed the L.I.V.E. Digital Method.

How We Get Results Using
the L.I.V.E. Digital Method


The L.I.V.E. Digital Method is a human-to-human approach to improving the way people interact with websites, apps, and digital products. We put real life into the digital world by combining insights on language, interface, and visuals to create optimal digital experiences.

We talk to real customers, observe behavior, review analytics, and benchmark against best-in-class standards in order to make powerful, results-driven recommendations for all your digital properties.


How the L.I.V.E. Digital Method Fits Into the Design and Development Process


The L.I.V.E. Digital Method: What We Develop


The L.I.V.E. Digital Method Customer/user research

  • Qualitative and quantitative information gathered from representative users to help inform personas, information architecture, and customer and user journeys.
  • Investigate how users currently go about performing tasks or solving problems. How can your website/product better help them perform those tasks/solve those problems?

What you get: The L.I.V.E. Method personas, scenarios, and user journeys provide insight into user preconceptions, behavior patterns, and goals. We deliver strategic recommendations for your product or website delivered as a PPT or PDF.


The L.I.V.E. Digital Method Product design and development

  • Building on customer/user research, we help design solutions to better serve your customers.
  • We can help you modify an existing website or product or create something entirely new.
  • We guide you along the entire process: from customer journey mapping to a finished website, web app, or mobile app.

What you get: By using the L.I.V.E. Digital Method, we ensure is solving real problems for your customer and delivers an optimal human-to-human experience. We deliver what your team requires: wireframes, visual designs, prototype, or a launch-ready website or digital product.


The L.I.V.E. Digital Method usability testing

  • Watch people use your product and website, remotely or in-person.
  • Discover specific issues based on the experiences of people who are representative users.
  • Gain actionable insight into not only what problems are occurring but how to fix those problems.

What you get: The L.I.V.E. Digital Method scorecard and final report includes detailed findings and strategic recommendations to improve the product or website, delivered as a PPT or PDF.


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